1. jun. 2012

Running vs cycling

I am entering a local annual running competition next week, Vestkystløbet, so was out running last night. A great way to get the mind away from the exams and making my mind sharper for the exam today, while it doesnt take too much time. Running isnt really "the thing" for me though. at least not yet, I need the rush i get in the speed on my bike, and my knees and ankles hates me right now. But if it doesnt hurt, it wasnt good training. ;)

But together with a friend, it was actually quite fun. Only 3-4 km and less than 30 minutes, but i really havent been doing anything apart from being on the bike, so it was nice trying something different for once. I just need to find a proper technique for next week. Not much time, but it should be doable!

I can easily understand the people who prefers running. It's easy, and doesnt demand the same amount of equipment as cycling does. Cycling is really a expensive sport if you want to be competitive, while you only need some good shoes for running. But i just prefer the bike for a few reasons:

One thing i prefer on the bike, is that you get to view a larger part of the area you live in. When running you can't get much away from your own city (unless you are training a marathorn of course, and still it's only 42 km), while on the bike, you can easily get 70 km away from your own town, and still be able to get back the same day, without killing yourself. And unlike running, its not hard for your body, while running, makes your knees experiencing big forces, that can smash them in the end, if you dont have the proper technique.

But of course, there is no chance of puncturing, and headwind aint that big a problem neither, because the speeds are only about 1/3 of the bike. 20-30 km with headwind on the bike, really makes you hate yourself. :)

Another thing i have problems with, which i never had thought of, is that there is no time where you can stop running and still keep on going (oh really?). On a bike you can just do that then its going downhill, and i actually missed those 5 seconds break already after 2,5 km, but i guess with the right technique its okay.

I felt though, that i was using some muscles in my legs, which i normally only use when going uphill and sprinting on the bike, so i think it can end up being a good extra training, making me sharper at the finish line on a bike. But lets see what the time will tell. :)

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Written by René

30. maj 2012

The Giro 2012 review

Just a minor update on the Giro which ended less than a week ago. I was lucky having the possability to go to Herning and watch the 2nd stage of the 3 held in my homecountry for the very first time, and i was even luckier to stand right after the finishline, having a great view of Mark Cavendish winning in his rainbow world championship trikot, which you can see in the video below

But how was the Giro of 2012? Well, the winner turned out to be a man nobody thought would win it, Ryder Hesjedal, but he was just the best rider combined. Of course it was sad for "Purito" losing the Giro with whats about 200 meters, after done more then 3500 km done in 3 weeks. 16 tiny seconds from being the guy no one ever will remember, to be the one who will be in the record books forever.
But hey, thats what makes cycling awesome! Some times you lose, some times you win, thats just how the way it is. Joaqium Rodriguez did his best and he can be proud of his 2nd place in the general classification, and he has already shown to be one of the best climbers in the world, so he will get plenty of more chances to get a general classification win in one of the big 3 grand tours.

For the Italians though, it was a big disaster. Last years winner Michele Scarponi from Lampre, was the best Italian in the general classification, and he was just outside the podium with a 4th place. Ivan Basso couldnt do much better, and failed to follow the very best of the favourites in the climbs. He is sadly not the rider he were once.

Another big surprise, apart from Hesjedal, was the Belgian Thomas De Gendt, who won the 20th stage, on top of the loooooong mountain of Stelvio. A great solo ride and effort! He won by such a margin, he could overtake Scarponi's 3rd place in the final time trial. Scarponi did a good TT though, but De Gendt is just a way better time trialist.

As a last note, i can give you a pic of Cav celebrating his stage win, and Taylor Phinney with the pink jersey, which he won in the first stage, which was a time trial.

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Written by René

29. maj 2012

Me and the future of this blog

So, first blog ever from me here. Not much to say, though i expect that i will make at least some weekly updates, probably even daily, about everything that moves in cycling. Both personal, but also at the pro's peloton. :)

Well let me at least introduce myself. My name is René, and Im 19 years old, and have been been a competitive cyclist for about 2 years now. Not long time, but ive improved alot in only a little of time, and im already in the fast end of the guys who only rides for fun. Im in my first license year (D, which is like the 4th best division, but thats where you start out, so thats it for now :) ), and hope to catch a win or 2 within the following year at least. The pic below is from my first race, where i accidently got lost by the peloton in some strong sidewinds in the early spring. For a "climber" like me, headwind and a country thats rather flat, not the best place to ride, but i still enjoyed it ;)

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Im updating my data atm, to make it more personal, so hang out there!

Written by René