29. maj 2012

Me and the future of this blog

So, first blog ever from me here. Not much to say, though i expect that i will make at least some weekly updates, probably even daily, about everything that moves in cycling. Both personal, but also at the pro's peloton. :)

Well let me at least introduce myself. My name is René, and Im 19 years old, and have been been a competitive cyclist for about 2 years now. Not long time, but ive improved alot in only a little of time, and im already in the fast end of the guys who only rides for fun. Im in my first license year (D, which is like the 4th best division, but thats where you start out, so thats it for now :) ), and hope to catch a win or 2 within the following year at least. The pic below is from my first race, where i accidently got lost by the peloton in some strong sidewinds in the early spring. For a "climber" like me, headwind and a country thats rather flat, not the best place to ride, but i still enjoyed it ;)

You can follow me on Twitter here:

And im on Endomondo too. If you want to follow me and my training even more close up, just leave a comment with your name below, and i will add you!

Im updating my data atm, to make it more personal, so hang out there!

Written by René

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