12. aug. 2013

What Pro Riders Has To Deal With

Usually its the riders climbing Alp' Huez, or Cavendish fighting all the other sprinters on Champs Elysees that takes the spectators focus. Other times it ends up being something very different, from the specators, or from the helicopters showing you the race, like in the 2013 Vuelta A Burgos, where the TV-helicopter got a bit too close to the riders, and send them in a ditch.

From the Tour Of California 2013, we have this guy. I guess if you have to go, you have to go.

The 6th of June 2013, Tourmalet looked like this. I can only wonder how big the trucks were to get that road cleared

They arent having much more fun in the 2013 Tirreno-Adriatico though

Maybe even Frosty the snowman will have a chance at a win there?

Nah, it looks like Nibali wins it (2013 Giro d'Italia)

Nope, this is not Nibali, even though they are easily mistaken

Also, massive airbanners are not always working as intended. 7th stage of Tour De Suisse 2013 this happened, and this man had to stand like this for quite some time.

Also, not only Mount Roswell gets visited by Aliens, Pierre Rolland in the Polkajersey in the 2013 Tour De France seems to have a fan amongst the marsmen.

And some other fans gets to face the tarmac a bit more than they wanted to. That happened to this guy, chasing TeeJay Van Garderen during the 2013 Tour De France.

But some fans are going even more nuts. The Alp Huez is called the Dutch Mountain for one simple reason. They are everywhere at the 14th hairpin! Just look on the greeting Lars Boom got from his fellow countrymen during the 2013 Tour De France

Cyclocross isnt always fun. Especially not when it has been raining quite heavily and you are covered in mud everywhere after a race

Peter Sagan is a man who does a lot of tricks.

And he loves ladies too

Or was it men?

But he can his shit, you can say 

He isnt good at remembering which side the fuel cap is placed though

At the Lotto Belisol, Training camp isnt always easy

And Down Under, O'Grady battles big fearsome snakes!

While they in The 2013 edition of Giro d'Italia climb 30%+ hills on their bikes

Or on foot, if you ate too much Pizza last night.

And this is how Alex Rasmussen says goodbye to his bike, when he is getting a new one.

 Meanwhile in San Luis they need watercycles.

And last but not least, maybe you are the 2012 Tour De France winner, and honoured by the British Queen, but such clothes just doesnt seem to be right. May I represend you Sir Bradley Wiggins and his transparent jersey

Written by René

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