29. aug. 2013

How To Set Up Your Bike To Prevent Damage And Pain

Many bike riders do not adjust their bikes the rightful way, and that ends up with giving them unnecessary pain when riding their bikes. Therefore we have collected some reasons why it happens, and how to solve it.

Pain in front of knee
This is 9 out of 10 times caused by your saddle being adjusted too low or too much to the front. Therefore If you want to avoid this from happening again, you should try to put your saddle either a bit up, or back.

Pain in the back of the knee
If you are experiencing this, you have done the opposide of the points above. Your saddle is adjusted too high and/or too much to the back. Therefore, if you are experiencing this, you should try to lower your saddle height, and/or move the saddle a bit to the front.

Pain on the outside of the knee (lateral)
This pain is mainly caused by your cleats not adjusted rightfully. Often the cleat is adjusted too far out on the shoes, and therefore you should try to adjust it closer to the frame, in order to make this pain go away.

Pain in the inside of the knee (medial)
This time the pain is usually caused by the cleats adjusted too close to the frame, so try to adjust them further away from the frame on your shoes.

Pain in the Achilles
This pain is usually caused by your cleat been adjusted too far to the back on your shoes. So try to adjust your cleat back, so your foot goes a bit forward.

Pressure on the bottom/outside of the foot
This is usually caused by your shoe not following your own bodytelemetry. So if you experience a pressure on the bottom or outside of your foot, try to wedge the shoes to the inside. Some shoes, like Specialized, already does wedge a bit to the inside, else you can buy an installation installed between the cleats and your shoe.

Pain the groin at the front and/or center of the saddle
This pain is caused by that your saddle is not adjusted the correct way compared to your bike. Often this can be helped out by lifting the bars of your bike, and/or tipping the saddle a bit downwards. Be careful not to tip the saddle too much downwards, because then the pain below will happen.

Pain in your shoulders
This pain is caused by too much pressure on your shoulder, which usually is done by your saddle pointing too much down, and therefore a lot of your weight is been hold up by your arms and therefore also shoulder. So in order to prevent this from happening, tip your saddle a bit upwards.

Losing the feeling in your hands
This is caused by the same cause as the one above, along with not shifting your hands placement on the handlebars. Never have the same position of your hands on the handlebars for more than 5-10 minutes, is a good advice, but also buying cycling gloves with gel pads can be very helpful to prevent this from happening.

To summarize it short and briefly we got this table below:

I hope this helped, else use the commentsection below to ask for more specific help.

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