2. sep. 2013

Beginners Guide On What Cycling Equipment You Will Need

We have all been there , pacing up and down the isles of our local cycling shop , staring at equipment and fiddling , unsure of whether we need the item that we are holding in our hands or not. The friendly salesman only to happy to give you all of the reasons on why you should empty your wallet , well after reading this it will happen no more. This article is especially for entry level cyclists. 

So what do you need?

* A helmet , definitely a necessity most races state “no helmet , no ride” 

*A spare inner tube, here more is better but nothing a patch kit can’t fix 

*A patch kit and some rubber cement (solution) those in the kit usually run out before the patches. 

* Tyre levers , they are little plastic bars , just ask the salesman. If you are in need two tea spoons will do the job at hand. 

*A multi-tool , as well as allen-keys that fit the screws on the bike. 

*A wrench with which you can remove the pedals and wheels if your bike is not fitted with a quick release system. The same goes for the saddle. 
  -Note that most modern bicycles almost exclusively require allen-keys 

*A bicycle pump , for that flat tyre you fixed with the equipment mentioned earlier 

* Water bottle cages as well as water bottles which fit snugly in the cages. 

*Sunglasses to block out the wind , your beach shades will do , but there are glasses designed just for this purpose , brands like Rudy Project , Oakley , D’arc to name a few. 

*A saddle bag into which you can fit the allen-keys , tyre levers and spare tubes atleast. 

*Gloves , but this is not a must although I would recommend buying a pair
If you like DIY you can purchase some additional tools to fix your bike , but especially for a beginner I would recommend taking your bike to a bike shop if it needs mending , bar a puncture and loose bolts of course. I hope this saves you from buying that thing without a name which just gathers dust in future. 

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